We are dedicated men & women that give our time and equip ourselves at our own expense to aid and assist our fellow citizens in times of need as directed by Missouri state and local authorities. The 3rd Battalion / 2nd Brigade serves the people of east central Missouri.
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Missouri Militia

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3rd Battalion / 2nd Brigade
Last Updated 02/06/16
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Training 2/13
Who we are NOT
We are not anti-government; we are law abiding, productive citizens that prepare and train so that we can help the people of Missouri in time of need.
We are not racist; membership is open to any non-felon 18 years and older regardless of race, gender, or religious beliefs.
We are not secretive; most training sessions and meetings are open to the public and observers are welcome.
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Quick Schedule and Unit News
The Missouri Militia 3rd Battalion / 2nd Brigade is dedicated to serving our state,
our communities, and our families.
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For additional information about equipment, training, readiness, and  other subjects, please visit the main Missouri Militia web site.
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